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Tim & Sebastian's is a coffee roasting company based in Frechen near Cologne. We roast carefully selected specialty coffees from all over the world according to a very individual process and, thanks to our experience, extract the flavor notes from each individual bean that make them unique and special. Our goal is to deliver you the perfect coffee pleasure time and time again! "



The period during which a coffee tastes best depends on the preparation, roasting and the coffee itself. That is why you will find two important pieces of information on every packet of TIM & SEBASTIAN'S coffee that tell you exactly that: the roast date and the first and last day of the period - starting with the roast date - in which you should enjoy the coffee with its maximum aroma development. Incidentally, after this time it does not become inedible, but loses its aroma.


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With optimal preparation you get the most out of your specialty coffee! We'll show you.

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